Monday, June 6, 2011

Drawing and Painting with Ink

Drawing and Painting with Ink (Drawing North)

All Levels

Amie Oliver

Participants will explore new ways to think about drawing, painting and mark-making with ink, pen and brush during this two-day workshop. We will examine the classical and contemporary use of ink wash and pen and ink drawing. Exercises will play with gesture, observation, texture, and contour.

A sketchbook which employs ink and mixed media can be seen here.

india ink (small container)
SMALL BRUSHES - whatever you have
masking tape or blue painting tape
utility or xacto knife and blades
two sheets of large, hot press rag paper - minimum size 22"x30"
two - four old drawings/prints/watercolors that you would like to recycle
graphite pencils - hard and soft
crow quill pen set

paper towels


mechanical pens

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