Sunday, June 5, 2011

Intuitive Line Workshop

The Intuitive Line Drawing Workshop (Drawing North)

All Levels

Amie Oliver

Participants will explore new ways to think about drawing and mark-making during this one-day workshop. Drawing exercises will play with gesture, observation, texture, and contour. This is a one day workshop.

An album of photos from previous workshops can be viewed here.

vine charcoal (a few sticks)
black pastel (one stick)
india ink (small container)
SMALL BRUSHES - whatever you have
watercolor set (inexpensive student grade) or watercolor pencils
masking tape or blue painting tape
utility or xacto knife and blades
two sheets of large, hot press rag paper - minimum size 22"x30"
two - four old drawings/prints/watercolors that you would like to recycle
graphite pencils - hard and soft
water-soluable pencil

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