Monday, January 21, 2008

"Lemons" 2007  Jos van Riswick
"Still Life with 17th C Bottle" 2007

"Still Life with Five Objects" 2005 Luc Benard

"The Devil You Know" 2005  Chris Peters

"Still Life witt Quince" 1885 Paul Cezanne

"Still Life Under a Lamp" 1963 Picasso

"Three Sunflowers and a Bottle of Water" 1995 David Hockney
"Antheriums" 1995
"The Chair" 1985
"Sunflowers" 1889  Van Gogh
"Still Life with Absinthe" 1887
Still Life with Absinthe by Vincent van Gogh

"Grey Still Life" Rose Hilton

Georgio Morandi
Giorgio Morandi Natura Morta

"Fruits of the Forest Crumble" 2007  Christine Gray
"Stick in the Mud "2007  Christine Gray

"Red Drip" 2007 Christine Gray

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