Friday, November 5, 2010

Acrylic Materials List

Sketchbook (spiral bound recommended)
Charcoal pencil
Tear away disposable paper palette
old cookie tray or butcher tray to use as base for sheets in paper palette
Small containers with lids such as yogurt cups or baby food jars for saving mixed paint
large plastic container for holding water and cleaning brushes
masking tape or blue painters tape
several sponge brushes
synthetic brushes: These can be purchased in a set or individually:
*       rounds - #12, #10, #8, #4, and #2
*       flats - #12, #8, and #4
*       optional - a fan brush
Old bath towels or rags
Palette knife
a plastic spray bottle with a fine mist (recycled is great)
tackle box or basket or carry bag for art 
a bar of ivory soap for cleaning brushes
Pre-stretched canvas - recommended size approx 24x18 inches
acrylic gloss or matte transparent medium
Starter list of 
acrylic paint or individual containers of the following colors:
cadmium yellow, 
yellow ochre, 
ultramarine blue, 
cadmium red, 
alizarin crimson, 
cerulean blue, 
viridian green, 
burnt umber, 
(liquitex or golden paints recommended)

A rolling travel or craft cart can save you many trips to the car
Paper towels
24 inch ruler

Recommended local Vendors: Main Art Supply, Plaza Art, Michaels 

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